Clay Hutson and The Housing Market

Thought leadership in the real estate industry—this is what I hope to achieve with my writings and content. My name is Clay Hutson and I’m no stranger to the hustle familiar to most real estate professionals.

If you want to succeed in this business, you got to put in more than 100% to outdo your peers. While this is true for any business or industry for that matter, it somehow rings more true for real estate. Why? Because the barriers to get into the industry are so low and so few. It doesn’t cost much or take a lot to become a real estate agent, admittedly. As easy as it is to get in however, the opposite is true for achieving success. It is extremely difficult to predict when your next paycheck is going to come; too many forces are out of your control, plus the economy is flatly not cooperating. It’s one of the hardest and rewarding jobs at the same time.

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Then and Now

Speaking of truths, this makes me want to look back on my career. Well, to start things, having witnessed and experienced the housing bubble a decade ago, I can confidently say you can bounce back and avoid such disasters moving forward in your career. Honestly, I learned more about the industry during that time because everything was scarier and harder then. Now I feel wiser and more grounded with the belief that the housing market doesn’t always rise. This thought has allowed me to guide my clients every step of the way; preventing them from stepping into a trap before they even realize it.

Another skill I’ve honed from my experiences at the time is my sensitivity to cycles. This is a law of nature—that everything moves in cycles. The stock market has its cycles, so does the price of commodities. So why should the real estate market be any different? Unfortunately, not everyone in the industry has learned his or her lesson, and still denies this phenomenon. With my analysis and forecasting abilities however, you don’t have to worry so much about what’s happening in the bigger picture. That’s my job and what I hope to offer in this blog. You can focus on your business while I look out for the red flags.

What Do You Want To Know About Real Estate?

In a nutshell, my blog will cover everything you’ve always wanted to know about real estate; from the economy and housing markets, how to deal with buyers and sellers and flipping celebrity luxury homes, to anything in between.

If there’s anything you want to ask, please feel free to contact me. With that in mind, I hope you won’t mind if I share on this blog your questions and comments so others can learn, too. You can be sure I’ll omit your personal information and your inquiries will stay anonymous by default unless you give me permission otherwise.

I can’t wait to see what kinds of discussions will come out.

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