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I have been doing business in Seattle for nearly two decades now, and I almost always meet up with my clients after work hours in sushi restaurants whenever possible. If you want to find out where to get fresh, clean sushi in the area, read on to find out my top recommendations. I’m Clay Hutson by the way, and this page on my website has been dedicated to showcasing Seattle’s best.

Eating Sushi in Seattle

Most people define happy hour as a time for drinks, but for me, happy hour is when I get to eat sushi. Some people are really serious when it comes to this popular Japanese food—most likely, these folks are foodies who have built some type of online reputation—but I’ve always been pretty liberal about it. I’ve found that the crazier the sushi combinations are, the more delicious it is, believe it or not. The Japanese of course, underscore minimalism or the simplicity of ingredients to create the perfect sushi. On my part, I do leave room for eating fresh raw seafood but this unfortunately isn’t always accessible to me.

Regardless, if you want to have a taste of Seattle’s best sushi restaurants, I highly recommend going to:

Shiro’s Sushi in Belltown

Have you seen the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”? No? Go find a copy and watch it! It’s a must-watch, and not just for sushi lovers. Chef Shiro Kashiba of Shiro’s Sushi is one of the lucky few who was trained by the great sushi master Chef Jiro himself, so it is only natural that his sushi restaurant, Shiro’s Sushi, would have customers lining up at the door, clamoring for a taste of Chef Jiro’s impeccable sushi standards.

If you’re new to sushi, you can’t go wrong with the tasting menu here. It’s sure to open up your palate and, accordingly, your mind, to the surreal simplicity of sushi.


Chef Hajime Sato’s Mashiko is another favorite of mine. The sushi here is always fresh, delicious, and interesting. On that last bit, Chef Hajime is known to change things up in the menu every now and then so guests get to try new flavors and creative combinations of sushi. Like with Shiro’s, Mashiko can really test your patience so it’s best to go early. Not only can you avoid the long lines, but you’ll be able to enjoy your meal without being hurried by other sushi lovers.

Mashiko is also popular among locals because of their sustainability advocacy. If you want to have an incredible educational experience on top of a gastronomic one while eating sushi, visit Mashiko; you will not be disappointed.

I have other sushi restaurants in mind to recommend, but these two establishments are in a league of their own, which is why I separated them from the rest. Find out what my other restaurant picks are in the next post. I’m still thinking whether it might be better to rank the restaurants, like for example, based on a price range or the variety of the menu, so you can find the best restaurant to go to that’s according to your requirements.

Thanks for reading!

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